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To even start working with the templates, I need the template engine to tell me what templates are being used to display the page. I want to add a white bar to the top of the homepage with the name of the Unit on it. Turn on Twid Debugging in sites/default/services.yml Also turn on auto template reloading by setting auto_reload to true . Both of these changes need to be turned off in production as they destroy performance.

Overriding the Front page Template

What content do i want to add to the Braindead Designs homepage?

What Styling do I want to add to the homepage?


Name Usage
base_path base URL path of the Drupal installation. usually “/”
is_front A flag indicating if the current page is the front page.
logged_in A flag indicating if the user is registered and signed in.
is_admin A flag indicating if the user has permission to access administration pages.

Any images need to be linked from the root directory.

<img src="/themes/bdd_theme/images/Hitman_Logo.png">

Adding a New Region

  1. Add a new region by adding to the
  2. Then add wherever you want the region to actually print out. I’ve added branding and slider but only to the front page.

Instead of learning Twig, I’m going to focus on styling because the Paragraphs module has handled much of the twig work. All I need to really do is cut and paste the code of the templates that Paragraphs provides.

I found out that I can mix SASS and SCSS. I just have to make sure the file watchers are running in phpStorm.