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Templates for the Unit sites

So I need to make some page templates for the new sites we will be making. I am starting with the LEAD / Senior Executive Institute site. It has very little content and it’s main purpose is to get government leaders to sign up for the two training programs. It does a poor job of informing the user about the programs. They both serve a similar purpose and have tons of duplicate information.

Same on all sites

  1. Header with logo and search bar
  2. Side-menu logo

Deliverables for each site

  1. Top Menu
    • Home
    • Call-To-Action
    • Staff
    • Organization-Info
    • Contribute
    • Resources for that site [publications, databases, alumni, signup-forms])
  2. Good looking homepage header image that is related to the sites goal
  3. Smaller header images for the content pages
  4. A Call to action on the homepage
    • sign up
    • apply
    • join our mailing list
    • get involved
  5. Short statement of purpose in text explaining what we can do for users/community/organizations
  6. Examples of previous work / credibility builders
    • Homepage logos of related organizations that add credibility to our sites
    • Showcase of one very special project or employee
  7. Employee Profiles if the team is small enough
    • makes us relatable and feel more real
  8. A frequently updated piece of content for the homepage
    • publications
    • future class dates
    • past projects as articles
    • Twitter feed other social media feed
  9. Footer with relevant info
    • Contact us Link with a webform
    • Newsletter signup
    • Social media links
    • Emails for unit site outreach person
  10. Custom content pages for the site

Questions I have about the site

  1. For the SEI site, do we need to have these two programs as one site? Could we separate them into two separate sites?
  2. Could we split up the two programs into two sites?
  3. Do we want to make a email subscription box for people to sign up for updates about the upcoming classes? (call to action)

If we decide to not split the two programs into separate sites we should display the two classes and their purposes on the main page. Our call to action should be asking them to sign up for either the newsletter about the classes OR asking them to apply to the programs.