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Launching sites and configuring DNS Records

So we launch the main site tomorrow. Our DNS provider is Network Solutions. All of the current sites are singular sites. Using tracert I found the old site is and our new site is listed on the Domains section of the Production environment. We deploy to Production and make a DNS A record pointing the to our new IP address.

This is the ip address for the old site.

The other sites all have the same IP address as they all get directed to a single apache server and then dished out to different Drupal sites. I now have ssh access to these sites so tomorrow I plan to tweak the CSS a bit.

List of the sites and their respective current IPs

  Main site - -  Economic Policy - Survey Research - Constitutional officers cert - Lead trainings - Political leadership - university internship programs x - Virginia Institute of gov - Demographics

Manual Database transfer

mysqldump -u root certification | gzip > cert1.sql.gz
scp cert1.sql.gz
drush ah-db-import --db=certification --drop --force cert1.sql.gz

The manual transfer didn’t fix the database issues. So I need to add the needed credentials for MySQL to be happy. Change the settings under mysqladmin in the my.cnf file. You get to it in preferences in DevDesktop. I think it is what creates the settings.php file used for imports etc.

[mysqladmin] user=root port=33067 socket=”/Applications/DevDesktop/mysql/data/mysql.sock”

Change this to the user password in Acquia under the certification database [mysqladmin] user=*** password=** port=33067 socket=”/Applications/DevDesktop/mysql/data/mysql.sock”

mysql –user=root –password=1f1w@rm@n –database=uvacooperdb158253 root 1f1w@rm@n